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Comeback? Okay.

Hello, Bitches. I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention the fact that W. Axl Rose just got finished making everyone in Asia his bitch, and in 3 weeks, Canada will also fall to their kn-kn-knees in bitchdom. Axl's back, y'all. And he isn't fucking around. This is Guns N' Fuckin Roses we're talking about here.

This is a one-minute snippet of WTTJ from Toyko, where they played last night.

Coincidentally, this concert was the longest GN'R concert ever, coming in at 3 hours and 30 minutes. Here's the setlist if you're curious.

Axl also now has a twitter. He is incapable of sticking to 140 words, but that's why we love him.

As for his appearance, the braids are gone and, well, he's had a few cheeseburgers since '07. He also has questionable facial hair. But he's on tour and is bound to lose some weight and will soon be perhaps as hot as Nineties Axl. Not bad for a nearly 48 year old rock star.

Oh, and for funsies, here's a video of him punching the fuck out of a photographer at the airport in LA last week.

Just thought everyone should be updated on what our dark overlord is doing with his life lately. Rock on.
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