Pinball Wizard

I think...

That Axl looks odd with face fluff. Who agrees?

OH! And randomness because I can.
Redheads make giggle. Seriously. Their face fluff, pit fluff, pubes, and all that...are red. It just makes me giggle. And it's cute! I totally have a thing for redheads. I'm very easily amused...I wonder if Axl's are red, like his hair, or strawberry blonde? Hmm...Anyone have pics?! LET'S SEE HIS RED PUBES. [Along with other things!] =D

Please, 'scuse me. I hasn't had my meds yet. -Slinks off to go take meds-
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Axl loves himself

Chinese Democracy: a belated report

I'm going to just guess everyone in this comm has already heard that the release date for Chinese Democracy was recently announced. In case anyone missed it, the album will be available from Best Buy on November 23rd.

Following a (totally obviously set up) publicity stunt earlier this year, Dr Pepper has put out a press release promising to make good on their offer of a free can of soda for everyone in the US if Chinese Democracy was released in 2008. Beginning the day of the album's release, you can go to and enter your information to have a coupon mailed to you (hey, who DIDN'T suspect there'd be a catch, right?)
Axl loves himself

......Axl could WHUT. XD

SO! "Welcome to the Jungle" was ranked #26 on VH1's top 100 songs of the 80's.

Best quote ever, from celebrity interviews:

"I don't know WHAT Tommy Hilfiger was thinking trying to beat up Axl Rose, he looks like he could kick your ass and like, eat it afterwards."

....dude. I'd PAY to see that. And eagerly volunteer to take part.
Slash griffin


So for the last few minutes, starting EXACTLY as soon as I turned on the song "Coma," the clouds outside decided to declare themselves to be STORM clouds, and have been thundering in time with the entire song. Every time the music gets really intense, the sky roars at it.

Double plus weird: it's SUNNY outside. I didn't notice the clouds edging in until they started singing along >.>


Someone needs to do fanfic where GnR can summon hurricanes and shit just like Dethklok. That's one of those things where Axl's so damn electric it's almost plausible. (And hey, they've already got the starting riots and killing people part down...)

EDIT: The thunder totally stopped as soon as the song did, too.

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