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Axl's bitches (even the male ones)
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Hello. We are Axl’s bitches. We live to love and serve our slightly psychotic overlord. Also, we just think he’s not as big a douche as he’s made out to be. Or we think he IS as big a douche as he’s made out to be, but don’t necessarily consider this a point against him.

Whatever. We like the guy and his music.

Have some RULES

This is not a Nazi-moderated community. You can post just about anything you want here (with a few exceptions, below). This primarily includes shit pertaining to Axl and Guns n’ Roses (any era), other members past and present, or anyone affiliated with them to whatever degree you think might be interesting to everyone else here -- basically this is a community for GnR fans who like Axl. You can post news articles, links, pictures, art, fanfic, random thoughts ("LOLScottWeiland" is a good one), or whatever the hell else, including making fun of His Lordship, as he is kind of not always the most rational individual. Here’s how you should do it:

1. Think before you type. I don’t care if you’re an asshole. I won’t ban you for having a bad attitude. You can disagree with each other as loudly as you want. But if it gets out of hand, I’ll start putting 5-year-olds in the time out corner or get out the banhammer. Remember, you always have the option to ignore content you don’t like. Don’t take things here too seriously.

2. There will be no imaginary boysexing here. Sorry kids. Take your bandslash elsewhere. There are lots of places you can go and see hawt rockers making out with each other. This is not one of those places.
***NOTE: This applies only to fanfic and art. If the boys did it in front of a camera, they’re fair game. It’s cute. Or hilarious. Post away. But no making posts just to ‘ship the Gunners.
***ALSO NOTE: THAT DOES NOT MEAN YAOI FANS ARE NOT WELCOME. You’re free to express your opinions on such things here. This community is not the taste police. Liking or disliking RPS will not get you banned. You do not have to mask your true nature as a connoisseur of boykissing. You can argue all you like about the value and virtues of rocker boyporn, you just can’t post it here. And those of you who don’t like it cannot flame people who do. K?

3. No crossposting. This is a pet peeve of mine. You can post icons here, but this is not an icon community. I fucking hate joining 3 communities and having my flist spammed by identical icon posts when none of those places are even icon journals. If you post your icons here, you post them nowhere else. The exception, of course, is duplicating a post to your own personal journal as well as here. I don't care what you put in your personal journal. If you have an icon journal where you post a lot of GnR or other related theme icons, poke me, your loving mod, and I’ll stick a link on the journal’s main page. (See below for contact info.)

4. No intro posts, spam, or Axl-hate. Spam just means anything totally unrelated to GnR or associated subjects. As for intros, we don’t give a shit who you are unless you’re contributing to the community, so come say hi but do something else too. DANCE, MONKEYS, DANCE. And it should be obvious, but if you don’t like anything about Axl, why the hell did you join?

Finally, please put fanfiction, posts with more than one photo, and icon posts with more than 5 icons behind an LJ-cut.

That’s pretty much it.

Oh, and this is a banner. You should totally use it to pimp this community like the den of cheap whores it is. :D

Ye Olde Fine Print:
The maintainer and posters in this community are not affiliated with or endorsed by Axl Rose or any of his present or past associates. If you are the copyright holder or original artist/author of any anything put here without your permission, I will take it down. If you are a band member or someone affiliated with them and wish to have any content removed from this community, I’ll do that, too. If you are a member of this community with general questions or concerns, don’t be scared to bring them up, I don’t bite. Usually.

Here’s how to get in contact with your loving mod:

E-Mail: friarsghost@gmail.com
AIM: Ven badger